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Muğla’s Marmaris district was claimed to be a jeweler’s old employee who won the virtual money in which he gained virtual money on the social sharing site, with a knife. According to the acquired information, the Discussion was discussed between the L. D. (39) with a jeweler shop at the CLOSED Bazaar at the front of the work place. Upon the transformation of the discussion to a fight A. he was injured as a result of the blows it receives. A. Him, in the statement he gave the police following its treatment, “My old boss took me to the shop by holding me out of the fuel. He asked why I spend the virtual money in the poker game he played over Facebook.

Only one and a half months after the invitation system to be used with only one and a half months after Google+ has added a giant step to the social network. Google+ will present Zynga Poker to users, although he does not have Farmville right now and new games will be added.

85 female 35 people were detained 8 in Küçükçekmece for gambling and played. According to the information received, Istanbul Research Branch Directorate, which has been gambling in Sefaköy, which has been gambling in a place in a venue, the morals and gambling office supervisor teams organized the operation in question. 8 in the operation women 35 were detained. With these people, 8 poker desks and numerous play stamps were captured.

In the first day of the Association under the name of the association in Küçükçekmece, 8 women, 35 people were detained. The Ethics Branch Directorate Morality and Gambling Table Cops were acting on the notion of the newly opened casino in Sefaköy. The teams taking measures around the building sent two police officers in the players. On the basis of determining the police officers gambling, 8 in the pressure, 8 women were detained with 25 players and 10 employees. The 8 poker desk and a large number of play stamps were also applied.

The Italian neurologist Rita Levi Montalcini is approaching 100 years of age, “The body is old, the brain isn’t getting old,” said. How your brain works, the answer to the question is as follows: “It’s like it’s 20 years old. I don’t see any differences in my desires and abilities. I will join a medical congress tomorrow. “But don’t have a genetic limit too?” when it is called “no. My brain will soon be a century but not yet old. In the inevitable body there are creases but I don’t have in my brain, “he said SHE. While the brain is really physiologically old, it may be that our beliefs and negative expectations that are in contrast to this may cause the results that verify them. Then, let’s set up the negative expectations of this incorrect faith, let us learn our brain to be young and fit, let’s continue to contribute to the world like the neurologist Montalcini in our 100s. Relaxation sessions: The proposal of the researchers to make a deep breath study or meditating-like relaxation sessions for a few minutes every day. Both the concentration is considered that both the rest of the rest of the combination of the brain revitalizes the brain cells and brain cells develop new links. Also the brain remembers easier during rest. Future Plans: According to the results of a new research, the risks of getting to the Alzheimer’s disease of Alzheimer who are regularly expected of the future and the social programs are less than 50%. H

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