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If there is a b, you will move from that place, see if you will move, you will go to distant places, you will move to the environment that does not use it.

2: You will never be idle, you will never be working, you will always remember and miss the moments you drank when you stand idle because I know I have lived and I am telling you what I learned from control ..

3: Do not repeat what you used to do when you were under the effect of the moment, with enthusiasm, ie extazy cannot stop them in place, an excitement will occur in 100/99 of the addicted ones, of course, 3 4 will not have much effect because they feel relief so that their dependent bones get the tingle. There are no such situations, but the new throwers especially want a lot. When the effect of the drug is over, the sadness begins when the effect of the drug is over. Do not stop, talk to someone, neither science, match 2 or 3 times a week, especially do sports, discover new friends, it would be better if you have a friend who does not even smoke. If you have to leave it inside for 2 months, it will leave you alone … I am happy if I helped you ..

If you say I will drink these shit, do not expect any consolation from them, use it for pleasure and do this at most.

People who are going to try it for the first time make a tip (do not put more than 2 teeth), so 2 pieces.

What kind of thing, who is bringing these into this country, making the bidet bucket, how do you live with it?

I drank too much without knowing how it was not knowing and I lost my friend in front of my eyes.

I used it two days ago because of the circle of friends. Thanks to my Lord, I am still alive, but after two days I could not regain myself. Sometimes I get dizzy, as if I have just drunk. If anyone knows, please tell me when it will pass ..

I have been drinking for 4 weeks and now I have gotten rid of that damn thing just calm down and think good things disconnect from people who use the word bonz out of your mind

Baboş Bonzai It is a synthetic substance. The venom of Bonzai is excreted from the body around 2-3 months .. Heran Tribe will be afraid of going into a person, it is only psychological. But you live something like a fall, the room will pass over time, never mind your head, and bro, don’t use that malady. Do not waste the life that your Lord entrusted you. May Allah help you, we wish you well soon.

Look, someone will fuck you and pass you by :)) asadadadaddassdad I’m doing saka mk your goods and you have that illness, there is no going back bro.

friends, I have been drinking for about 7 years and now let’s come to the important information, the brain forces itself in the first time in people who drink it, and you notice that things that you wouldn’t normally think of come when you take a cover when your head is fine. You answer the question that comes to you as if the question came from where you were working, but after 5-6 seconds you will forget again, after 5-6 seconds, you will remember again, but you do not remember what you remember, the screen will come alive in your eyes, you cannot just keep the words in your brain, when you notice this, your head will increase, whatever it is, I told the main important things, the thought of someone who has been drinking this for 1 year. brother this thing is not left but reduced.

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