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Poker Hand Rankings

Yes, as long as you just turn the cards over, you’ll win . You need to show both cards to win, but you don’t need to say anything. Words are just words, cards speak for themselves.

In short, Cards Speak, and the cards don’t lie. If you show your hand, your hand is rated on the value of your cards, not on what you think or say. That is unless you say what you think you have, then muck your hand. If you don’t turn over your hand at showdown, you can’t win.

You rate two pairs by the top pair first, then the second pair, finally the kicker. So in your example, 10’s and 8’s would win, since 8’s are better than 6’s. In that scenario the player with the 9 would win. In a two pair versus two pair scenario, you look at the value of the top pair first.

The best possible hand player 2 can make is AA662. Player one has a full house, player two has two pair. Since Kings are to the right of 3’s, three kings will always beat three threes. Kukpa… I of course, assumed that no one had a flush… 5 cards of the same suit. Other player has JJ55 and claims the pot because the first player declared mistakenly “One pair”. One player has two pairs QQ88 but decalres only “Pair of Queens”.

However, when you miss a flush, you are often left with a very weak hand, which may not be able to beat even a single pair. This is because pairs and three of a kind necessarily contain different suits, but someone on a flush draw is collecting cards of the same suit. This is one reason it is important that you are able to distinguish when your opponents are on flush draws.

I got A spades, A diamond, 2 hearts, 2 spades, and an 8 hearts. You count the three of a kind half of a full house first, your opponent has three nines, higher than your three sevens, thus your opponent wins. Player two wins because the 6 is the high card.

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